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Xbira 250 mg (Abiraterone acetate) is a recently discovered hormonal therapy for adult patients suffering from prostate cancer. Xbira 250 mg (Abiraterone acetate) is an oral drug which inhibits the... read more


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Xbira 250 mg (Abiraterone acetate) is a recently discovered hormonal therapy for adult patients suffering from prostate cancer. Xbira 250 mg (Abiraterone acetate) is an oral drug which inhibits the action of proteins (CYP17A1 enzyme) that are responsible for producing a male hormone called testosterone. As even prostate cancer cells require these hormones to grow, abiraterone acetate targets the unnecessary production of testosterone.

Peculiar advantages of Xbira 250 mg (Abiraterone acetate):

  • It keeps prostate cancer under control
  • Increases duration of life-span
  • Delays or rectifies common symptoms such as pain and tiredness

Abiraterone acetate is specifically used in patients with prostate cancer where,

  • Other chemotherapy options (docetaxel) did not work i.e metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer
  • In adults with mild symptoms or no symptoms, where chemotherapy has not been given yet and other hormonal therapies (androgen deprivation therapy) do not work

Abiraterone acetate is used in combination with prednisone. Abiraterone acetate in combination with prednisone assists in,

  • Reduction of hypertension as a side-effect
  • Lowering the production of antigen that stimulates prostate cancer
  • Induces hunger for a stable diet

Administration of Xbira 250 mg (Abiraterone acetate):

Xbira 250 mg (Abiraterone acetate) is given orally in a 1000 mg dosage (4×250 mg) once in 24 hours. Along with abiraterone, prednisone 5 mg is also given twice daily. It is recommended on an empty stomach. Consumption of food should be completely avoided for at least 2 hours prior and 1 hour after the dose. Additionally, it is crucial to avoid grapefruit juice as it triggers unwanted side-effects.

Once administered, abiraterone acetate gets readily-absorbed (bioavailable) within 2 hours throughout the body. As soon as abiraterone acetate completes its action, approximately 55% of the drug is expelled from the body in between 5-14 hours.

When should Xbira 250 mg (Abiraterone acetate) be avoided or used cautiously?

  • If patients were previously suffering from heart diseases or failure
  • If patients had or have hypertension or arrhythmia, carry out blood tests every month
  • In patients have stress plus steroid hormones used for retention of water and production of potassium are not produced (adrenocortical insufficiency), in that case, corticosteroid drugs (prednisone) are recommended
  • If patients have complications of the liver causing an increase in the production of unwanted liver proteins (hepatoxicity)
  • If patients are seen with reduced density of bones
  • It is not indicated for women
  • Avoid having intercourse or use condom whenever necessary for 1 week after treatment

Common side-effects of Xbira 250 mg (Abiraterone acetate):

Most common ones:

  • Unwanted swelling (edema)
  • Tiredness
  • Discomfort in joints and muscles
  • Problems in the stomach like diarrhea, indigestion and vomiting
  • Shortness of breath (dyspnea)
  • Infection in the upper respiratory tract
  • Feeling uncomfortably hot (Hot flush)
  • Cough
  • Urinary tract infection

Laboratory ones:

  • Low levels of potassium (hypokalemia) and phosphate (hypophosphatemia)
  • Weakness caused due to lack of hemoglobin in the blood (anemia)
  • High levels of fat molecules (triglycerides) (hypertriglyceridemia), cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia), and sugars (hyperglycemia)
  • Augmented levels of proteins/enzymes like aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alanine aminotransferase (ALT), and alkaline phosphatase

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Xbira 250 mg Tablet 120's


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